WELCOME TO our specialty coffee

tostador profesional


We will introduce you to some of the greatest coffee farmers in Colombia. We will cup traditional washed processes, honeys, naturals and experimental processings. You are our VIP guest and we have two cupping sessions available:

  1. Friday 1st of july at 6p.m. or 
  2. Staurday 2nd of july at 10a.m.


We will order some snacks*, so please fill out the form to confirm your participation.
*vegan options available

All the coffees are available on the farm and ready to be milled, handsorted and shipped within 2-3 weeks.

Be our special guest

We have chosen you to be one of our guests on either friday or saturday. Our DDC lab is located within the city right on a coffee farm: Capilla del Rosario. To be part of the experience, please download Cropster Cup, fill out the contact form and let us invite you to our cupping sessions.


⚠️ Attention!

Due to a landslide, we have updated the address.

1. You must go to the entrance of “Unidad Residencial Parque De La Sierra”. Please do not go into the residence, stay at the entrace.

2. Send us a message, we will guide you. You will only need to walk 10 minutes.


Cropster is an incredible tool for the whole coffee industry. Many people unfortunately still see it as a paid version of Artisan – but there is way more to discover.

Nicholas Castellano will introduce to us Cropster origin, lab, sample and inventory management, roasts and analyze tools and obviously its cupping area. Never loose any data again.

Cropster changed the way we organize our roastery and especially helped us to improve our roast techniques.

Capilla del rosario farm

For those, who would like to take a quick tour on a coffeefarm we invite you to take part on saturday, 2nd of july at 1p.m.

We are working together with José Posada since 2018 and started to plant a coffee variety garden, more than 7 varieties are already in production and the view from the 100 year old farmhouse is simply amazing.

What about our coffee bootcamp from 4th - 8th?

All the information about the bootcamp: