From crop to cup:

Coffee Bootcamp 2023

Welcome to our Bootcamp, from crop to cup. We will teach you every step, from the seed to the brewed cup of coffee, and how we can interact to manipulate its flavors.

We design specialty coffee through planning, planting, fermentation, oxidation, and processing styles, and we want to share our knowledge with you.

When, where and how much does it cost?


Coffee processing with José Posada

José Posada has a clear vision: to transform his coffee farm into a coffee university. He has planted more than 20 varieties and different Coffea species to gain real-life experiences.

In addition, he is teaching hundreds of small-scale farmers how to unlock the maximum potential of their farms and improve their well-being.

During the program, he will guide you through every single step on the farm, from seedlings to different processing environments.

Norman Eusse and Familia Arango

In addition to José’s farm, we will also be visiting two other top-notch farms:

  1. Finca La Increíble, located in Medellín.
  2. Finca San Luis, situated in Líbano – Tolima.

We have been collaborating with both farms since 2015 and have explored thousands of coffee processing methods. At Finca La Increíble, Norman Eusse excels in producing exceptional naturals, while Familia Arango at Finca San Luis is renowned for their tropical cup profiles and commitment to organic farming.

High end coffee
cafe tostado saliendo de la tostadora

Roasting workshop with Nikolai fürst

Nikolai Fürst will be teaching you his approach to every roast. You will learn about the variables he measures from green coffee, how he plans his roast, and how processing affects bean structure.

And, of course, we will roast some batches together!

How to book

The prices includes everything from monday to friday: from transport to food to accomodation.

To book your spot you’ll have to fill out the form, choose the payment method and get your flights booked.

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