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harvesting green coffee
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Nikolai Fürst

Roasting champion Switzerland 2021 and cupping champion Germany 2019, with only 31 years, he has become a legend for his extensive knowledge in roasting, cupping and barismo, he even manages to train large coffee companies in Germany, such as: Tchibo.

He is an expert who has delved into all areas of coffee. He is a certified Barista Hustle coach, sells and exports high quality coffee, works with processing, roasting and profiling methods, advises farmers and coffee brands on coffee quality and strategies, he improves for international companies their suppliers (farmers or associations) in coffee processing, grinding and preparation for export, German cupping champion in 2019.

Check out the testimonials to get a clearer idea of his expertise and how he can help you.

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What makes a coffee roaster a professional?

There are many ways to become a professional coffee roaster. We took several roasting courses to obtain as much knowledge as possible, in the end we realized that we want to educate coffee roasters in a very special way; to understand coffee and make it perform excellently.

Our coffee roaster trainers are knowledgeable in all areas of coffee. We started as baristas and then became champion coffee tasters of Germany in 2019, now we develop coffees through fermentation and drying processes, export green coffee all over the world and teach everything from farm to cup. Our trainers have been part of judging panels in different Latin American countries during coffee competitions.

We recommend to cup taste the quality before trial-and-error roasts. Specialty coffee stands out for its clearly defined attributes, its sensory profile. A coffee sample is roasted in a sample roaster and through cupping you understand the strengths and weaknesses of the coffee. None is perfect, but a master roaster highlights the qualities, planning and controlling the entire coffee roasting process.


  1. Gain an in-depth understanding of the entire process.
  2. The most effective way is to take a professional coffee roasting courses.
  3. It is the fastest and probably the cheapest way by avoiding all the usual mistakes of coffee roasters, wasting hundreds of kilos of coffee with poor roasting quality.
  1. Lightroast.
  2. Medium roast.
  3. Dark roast.

Making coffee roasting a successful business requires:

  1. Planning and getting the numbers right.
  2. Calculating the margins.
  3. Recording weight loss during roasting.
  4. Selling at a reasonable price.
  5. Successful marketing.
  1. Understanding green coffee and cup profiles.
  2. Controlling the roaster and roasting mechanisms.
  3. How to make roasted coffee perform at its best: highlighting its qualities and even being able to make defects less noticeable.

A master roaster transforms all the effort made in the field into an unforgettable cup of coffee through his roaster that allows him to enhance every attribute of each coffee.

Is it possible to be self-taught to become a professional roaster?

Nothing is impossible. Everyone can teach themselves everything, but keep in mind that you can:

Other advantages for coffee roasters

As a coffee roaster, you are usually also the person who defines the cup profile of your coffee. They will ask you, “What does this coffee taste like?” Cup tasting skills are indispensable to be able to control the quality and results of your roasts.

Baristas and customers often ask the roaster how to make coffee perform excellently. The processing techniques and, above all, the preparation of espresso are almost essential for the professional coffee roaster.

Some of our students are very interested in understanding coffee from: choosing the right variety, growing coffee beans, the impact of processing methods, grinding and sorting from parchment to green coffee.

Specialty coffee is a growing market worldwide. By roasting coffee, green coffee is transformed into one of the most important and consumed beverages in the world. Due to the pandemic, many people began to take home coffee preparation seriously and, instead of spending money on parties, they invested in better coffee and in equipment to make their own coffee.
This mentality requires higher quality coffee roasters; customers are desiring higher quality specialty coffee. One step to improve quality is to purchase higher quality green coffee, which can be quite costly. Another step is to take a professional coffee roasting course to improve your skills. Coffee roasting classes offer you in-depth knowledge to keep you up to date.

Professional Roasting Course

From basic to professional
  • Work as a coffee roaster
  • Recommended for: beginners, empirical and professional roasters.
  • Duration: 4 days - 16 hours
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We always recommend starting from the first level. However, you can take a placement test to start at a more advanced level.

Turning a regular coffee into a good one is usually quite easy. Many times it is details such as machinery cleaning, harvesting, etc. But designing processes that generate different flavors in the cup requires a lot of knowledge and effort, so a farm consultancy will solve your problems.

Our coffee cupping course trains you to determine the quality of green and/ or roasted coffee. You learn to analyze, following strict protocols, the coffee and define its defects and attributes: fragrance, aroma, flavor, aftertaste … among others.

With our professional barista course you will become a coffee professional in the preparation of drinks: from traditional Espresso and Espresso-based drinks to filtered coffee and signature mixology.