Coffee that saves the farmers

Because every cup saves the countryside!

Starting today you can enjoy fresh Colombian coffee with the convenience of not leaving your home. In addition to consuming hand-selected beans, you can count on a light roast to enjoy each property in the sensory profile of the coffee. These flavors are not generated by additions to the coffee but through passion and knowledge of different varieties, fermentation, oxidation and post-harvest processes such as washed, honeys and naturals. We offer you a wide variety of sensory characteristics.

With DDC you can try the three coffee processes: honey, washed and natural.

Choose the coffee, that you like best

Each bag contains 300g of coffee roasted at origin, in beans or ground. We recommend using 15g of coffee per 250g of fresh, just boiled water. Each bag is enough for 20 large mugs or 10 brews to share. We are working on guides to make the most of each bean. As a basis we recommend a contact time of 3-4 minutes in filtering methods and 30-35 seconds in Espresso preparations with a ratio of 1:3, 15g of coffee per 45g of Espresso. If you have a coffee grinder we recommend ordering coffee beans and if not we can also send you roasted and ground coffee.

You know how it is: you go to a place, find beautiful coffee bag designs, get very excited, buy the coffee, but when you try it for the first time, it is a dark roast, bitter and not very fresh. Our roaster seeks to differentiate each origin coffee by its unique cupping notes. In this way we were able to develop since 2016 that each type always has the same main flavors and each time with particular subtle nuances.

At DDC we roast the best Colombian Arabica coffees at their optimum and freshest point. All our roasts are suitable for electric coffee makers, French presses and all contemporary methods such as Aeropress, Pelador, Chemex, Kalita, V60 and Origami. We have coffee with low acidity and traditional notes, but we also offer a wide range of floral, fruity, sweet and acidic notes.

We offer you always fresh Colombian coffee beans or ground coffee. To prepare it, we recommend always using fresh hot water, just off the boil. If you like good coffee, whether it is mild or strong, you should always keep in mind to look for the highest quality, since strong coffee is often associated with a high roast. Darker roasts are used commercially to hide defects and create burnt coffee notes. Specialty coffees are characterized by a particular aroma and flavor in each cup. Each farm has its own microclimate, agronomic management, varieties and unique processing that together determine the quality of Coffee. We do not mix them in order to highlight each unique character of our coffee regions such as Antioquia, Huila, Tolima, Santander and many more!

We want everyone to be able to enjoy the best Colombian coffee beans, that is why we do not export everything but we also offer them to you here to enjoy a good cup of coffee. DDC has gained national and international recognition by winning cupping and roasting competitions and above all by being a roaster of high quality coffees, producing coffee roasted at origin.

The advantages of coffee roasting at origin

At Desarrolladores de Café we have several advantages. We work hand in hand with some of the best producers in Colombia. Among them are Paul Doyle, winner of Cup Of Excellence, Jorge Rojas, Wilder Lazo, the Arango family, who have already won several awards. When high quality coffee is roasted at origin it means having freshly processed coffee, at its optimum point of freshness and we have the opportunity to improve each lot from the farm to the cup. We differentiate not only washed, honeys and natural coffees but also metabolic processes such as fermentation and oxidation.

Coffee Kits

Kits for coffeelover The best coffees from Colombia with a tote bag, cup, methods, …

Take your coffee always with you!

Brewing methods to make great coffee

Every brewing device unlocks flavors in a unique style. Coffee is the toy of adults. Fall in love even more and try your favorite coffee in the best brewing methods.

When are you going to get your Pelador, your Chemex, your Aeropress, …?

El Pelador and other methods, as well as their original filters.

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