Rich: specialty coffee

Coffee that changed lives! With an experimental post-harvest process: natural.

  • Flavors of rum, chocolate, and mango.
  • Perfect for early mornings and midday.



Norman Eusse, Finca La Increíble

Did you know that coffee can actually change the world? Norman Eusse and his farm La Increíble are located in the La Sierra neighborhood in Medellín. The farm, the countryside, and coffee cultivation are his life’s driving forces. He is an extremely resourceful coffee grower: he created his own production plant including a roaster, grinder, huller, etc. by welding metal, connecting motors, all handmade. And he sells to us experimental, intense, and bold processing methods.


Variety: Castillo

Process: Extended natural

Origin: Barrio La Sierra, Medellín

Altitude: 1.850 – 1.950 masl

Cupping notes: Bold & intense

Roaststyle: Scandinavian

Additional information

Weight 330 g
Dimensions 15 × 4 × 20 cm

1.000 g / 35.2 oz, 300 g / 10.5 oz


Aeropress, Whole Beans, Espresso (superfine), Italian Mokka (fine), Drip (medium), French Press (coarse)