Crazy: specialty coffee

Pure energy from Medellín to your cup!

  • Flavor of red apple, rosé wine, and chocolate.
  • Perfect for any time of the day!



Medellín: Funky and fruity coffee

New generations of coffee farmers, a young man dedicated with a clear goal? We present to you: José Posada. We moved Desarrolladores de Café to his farm! Most of the lots were planted with Castillo and Yellow Colombia varieties in 1988. But he is also planting new varieties like Geisha, Wush-wush, Java, Paraeinema, Pacas and Bourbon Laurina.

With José, we work on processes aiming for funky and fruity notes.


Variety: Caturra

Process: Natural

Origin: Medellín, Antioquia

Altitude: 1.600 – 1.900 masl

Cupping Notes: Funky & fruity

Roaststyle: Scandinavian

Additional information

Weight 330 g
Dimensions 15 × 4 × 20 cm

1.000 g / 35.2 oz, 300 g / 10.5 oz


Aeropress, Whole Beans, Espresso (superfine), Italian Mokka (fine), Drip (medium), French Press (coarse)