Cocoa: exotic coffee

You found your perfect breakfast match for life!

  • The best match of your life is not on Tinder!
  • Coffee with flavor notes of cocoa and nuts with low acidity.
  • Get up, make yourself a cup of coffee, and start your day off right!




Jorge Rodriguez, the coffee grower, starts his day by taking a walk with his four dogs through the coffee fields to make sure everything is in order. He then greets his 30 sheep and 300 chickens, who are responsible for the organic fertilizer ;). And he does all of this with his big cup of coffee in hand.

If you choose Wush-wush, you will find creamy and spicy notes in addition to the notes of nuts and cocoa.

El Mokka natural se refiere a los granos de café cultivados en Yemen, en la península arábiga, y son conocidos por ser los granos de café más pequeños del mundo.

The Maracaturra has a lot of body and tastes like cappuccino in a filter!


Variety: Wush-wush o Maracaturra

Process: Natural / Washed

Origin: Los Santos, Santander

Altitude: 1.620 masl

Cupping notes: Cocoa, nuts, floral and spicy

Roaststyle: Scandinavian

Additional information

Weight 330 g
Dimensions 15 × 4 × 20 cm

1.000 g / 35.2 oz, 300 g / 10.5 oz


Aeropress, Whole Beans, Espresso (superfine), Italian Mokka (fine), Drip (medium), French Press (coarse)