Farmfresh Colombian Coffee

Desarrolladores de Café translates coffee developers. We’re working with our partner farmers to develop unique cup profiles tweaking fermentation and drying methods. If you’re looking for any special variety, region or origin, feel free to ask us for more options! We love coffee and would love to develop together with you your personal cup profile!

Offerlist DDC 2021 EUROPE

Direct & transparent traded Colombian coffee

Our microlots are in stock in Germany close to Frankfurt am Main, in Germany your coffee arrives at your roastery within 3-5 business days.

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    Familia Arango: Floral & Tea. Líbano, Tolima.

    Java, Tabi & Typica FSL organically grown in Líbano Tolima (USDA certified). This Typica is a natural hybrid, unique on the San Luis Farm.

    Microlots: Finca San Luis.

    • María José. Java. Red Honey. Caramel, White Chocolate, Green Apple. 87 SCA. 11,20€. 4x35kg.
    • WILD FRST. Typica. Natural – wild fermentation. Funky, tropical fruits, winey. 88 SCA. 14,90. 3x35kg. Sept ’21. Sold out
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    Wilder Lazo: Fruity & Spicy. San Adolfo, Huila.

    Pink Bourbon & Bourbon Papayo are originated in San Adolfo, Huila and Wilder probably has one of the best!

    Microlots: Finca El Diviso.

    • Panamá. Pink Bourbon. Natural. Cherry, Plum, Brown Sugar, Cinnamon. 88.5 SCA. 16,90€. 10x35kg.
    • Pink Bourbon. Washed. Cherry, Tangarine, Cinnamon. 87 SCA. 13,90€. 10x35kg.
    • Bourbon Papayo. Washed. Orange, Brown Sugar, Allspice. 87 SCA. 13,90€. 6x35kg.
    • Sancocho. Typica, Caturra, Tabi, Pink Bourbon, Colombia. Brown Sugar, Tangarine, Guava, Chocolate. 85 SCA. 9,00€. 10x70kg.
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    Felipe Trujillo: Intense & Experimental. Santa Bárbara, Ant.

    One of the most innovative farmers of Colombia. Felipe freezes cherries, makes naturals & the best black honey!

    Microlots: Finca La Ventola.

    • Castillo. Black Honey. Stout, Treetomate, Funky. 89 SCA. 14,20€. 2x35kg.
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    Jairo Lopez: Juicy & Tropical. Ibagué, Tolima.

    Coffeefarmer & agronomist. He is not only nutrition nerd, but also processing nerd!

    Microlots: Finca Villa Noreña.

    • Berry Summer. Bourbon Rojo. Washed. White Tea, Raspberry, Tangarine, White Grapes. 87 SCA. 13,90€. 4x35kg.
    • Mango Spring. Washed. Peach, Guava, Honey, White Chocolate. 87.5 SCA. 13,90€. 3x35kg.
    • FLWR PWR. Caturra. Natural. Black Currant, Dried Plum, Rose, Licorice, Black Pepper. 87.25 SCA. 13,90€. 3x35kg. Sold out
    • TROPICALICIOUS. Typica. Natural. Mango, Coffee Blossom, Darjeeling, White Wine. 88.5 SCA. 16,80€. 1x35kg.
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    Jorge Rojas: Complex & Tamarind. Planadas, Tolima.

    #Nextgenerationcoffee. Jorge is innovating coffee processing, always willing to improve his cup profiles.

    Microlots: Finca Roca State & El Jardín.

    • Anaeróbico. Yellow Caturra. Washed. Speculoos, Vainilla, Creamy, Caramel. 86 SCA. 12,90€. 6x35kg.

    Ancient Estate Coffees

    We use antique Colombian processing, which implies more work, but ends in better cups. In Colombia this processing method for washed coffees is called «mezcla de cochadas». We blend the harvest of three days to extend fermentation process and enhance sweetness and body.

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    José Posada: Ancient traditional. Medellín, Ant.

    #Nextgenerationcoffee. A mix of ``cochadas`` is an antique processing technique for our estate coffee.

    Estate Coffee: Finca Capilla del Rosario.

    • 3 Cochadas. Castillo & Yellow Colombia. Washed. Milkchocolate, Hazlenut, Caramel, Orange. 84 SCA. 7,30€. 5x70kg.

    Sold out!

    If you missed one of our microlots or you are interested to get some coffee from one of our allied farmers, feel free to contact us & preorder your favorite coffee for the next shipment.

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    Sara Zuluaga: Fruity & Chocolaty. Jericó, Ant.

    Female Power in Coffee. Farmer, roaster, coffeetranslator and a good friend!

    Microlots: Finca Villa Sofía.

    • FML PWRRR. Caturra/Castillo. Natural. Blackberry, Raspberry, Wine, Juicy. 87.5 SCA. SOLD OUT
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    Norman Eusse: Intense & Bold. Medellín, Ant.

    The first farmer that we started working with in Medellín since 2015. Now it's the first time to export his awesome natural.

    Microlots: Finca La Increíble.

    • La Esperanza. Castillo. Natural. Guava, Pink Pepper, Chocolate, Brown Sugar, Rum. 87.25 SCA. 12,90€. 6x35kg. Sold out