Farmfresh Colombian Coffee

We love coffee, we are coffee developers, so the masterplan would be that you will tell us your needs – variety, processing, origin, labels, flavour profile, impact, … and together we design your perfect coffee for you. On the other hand it’s also a pretty new concept, so what we suggest is: we will give you two options – the development of your coffee and a regularly changing offerlist of available lots.

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Specialty coffee 85+

LotFarmerDepartmentVarietyProcessingFermentationAmbientFlavourScorePrice/kgStock kgBags AvailableBag size
MateguaduaFamilia ArangoTolimaTypica FSLRed Honey36h Cherry/ 6h MucilageMixedCoffeeblossom, Peach, Orange, Honey.88.7513,20€140435
María JoséFamilia ArangoTolimaJavaRed Honey36h Cherry/ 6h MucilageMixedCaramel, White Chocolate, Green Apple.8713,20€105335
TabiFamilia ArangoTolimaTabiWashed36h Cherry/ 24h MucilageAnaerobicCamomile, Cherry, Spicy.8712,50€210635
Florencia #2Antonio OrozcoCaucaTabiWashed24h Cherry/ 24h MucilageSubmergedTangerine, Honey, Cinnamon.8610,30€70235