When we started Desarrolladores de Café – Coffee-developer it was more than “just a name”. For us it’s a statement. We develop coffees from the farm to the cup in long-term partnerships with a handful of farmers. Being able to check the quality, having close relationships and being always up-to-date about what’s happening on the farms rather than hunting for specialty coffee.


Modern, transparent, direct

For us the traditional coffee trade is more than unfair and basically kind of sucks. Farmers get almost no refund for their hard work, no one really knows where his coffee comes from and the final product is everything but connected to its origin.

Desarrolladores de Café stands for modern processing, transparent and direct trade. We are working in close relationships with our farmers, are transparent with our final clients and with our farmers. There is nothing to hide – transparency is king.


Flavor counts

We know that with our allies we are able to produce and design that coffee that you are looking for, or at least we can offer you a wide variety of flavor profiles through different origins, at the moment we are working with seven farmers, more than one hundred microlots with varieties like Typica, Bourbon, Caturra, Castillo, Variedad Colombia, SL-28, Geisha, Wush-Wush, Sudan Rume, Tabi, Maragohype, blends-from-farm, etc. We also count with the common processing types: washed, honey or natural, but we go a step further and focus on: fermentation – time, environment, circumstances; drying – sun, silo, dehydration, interrupted, and so on to name a few.

We also love to fulfill wishes! You are looking for a certain region, variety, processing type, flavor profile or want to have your logo on your coffee-bags? Feel free to ask and we are sure, we can figure something out.