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Herrera: Exotic & Innovative

  • Wush-wush / yellow natural (process)
  • Katerinne Gutiérrez, Tolima
  • Passionfruit, Allspice & Cacao nibs (perfil)
  • Lightroast
  • 200g / 7oz
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Exotic & Innovative

Katerinne Gutiérrez, Monteverde farm

Have you ever had a coffee that you will never forget? Katerinne Gutiérrez & Monteverde farm is dedicated to create unforgettable, exotic and innovative flavor profiles. Geisha is a variety that has already been heard of, but they also produce Wush-wush and will soon start producing even more exotic varietals.
Their processing is incredibly skillful, innovative & consistent. Kate and her family are specialized in natural processing which is the most environmental friendly processing method which saves tons of water, everyday.

Variety: Wush-wush
Process: Yellow Natural
Origin: Herrera, Tolima
Altitude: 5.500 – 6.900 fasl
Cup profile: Exotic & Innovative
Roastlevel: lightroast
Bag: 200g / 7oz

Additional information

Weight 240 g
Dimensions 15 × 5 × 20 cm

Whole Beans, Espresso (superfine), Italian Mokka (fine), Drip (medium), French Press (coarse)