Coffee Roasting Course

Become an expert roaster coffee

We take you from beginner level to an expert skilled coffee roaster.

Learn everything about roasting, all this is included:

Level 1: Modern Coffee Roasting

  • Understand roasting styles
  • Physical & chemical concepts
  • Green coffee variables
  • Roasting machines variables
  • Coffee roasting software
  • Hands on roasting practice

level 2: Professional Coffee Roasting

  • Coffee processing and roasting
  • Coffee roasting phases
  • Coffee roasting defects
  • Manipulate flavor profile
  • Cleaning protocols
  • Hands on roasting practice

Level 3: Expert Coffee Roasting

  • Green coffee defects
  • Advanced green coffee variables
  • Conduction and convection
  • Rescue bad coffees
  • Maintenance protocols
  • Hands on roasting practice
Become a professional coffee roaster now!

The best coffee trainer!

tostador profesional

Nikolai Fürst, Cup taster’s champion 2019

Nikolai Fürst is a coffee professional who has been digging deep into all areas of coffee. He is a certified Barista Hustle trainer, is selling and exporting high-grade coffee, working hands on with processing methods, roasting and profiling, consulting farmers, consulting coffee brands in coffee quality and strategies, improving for international companies their providers (farmers or associations) in coffee processing, milling and preparation for export, Germany’s cup taster’s champion 2019.

See the testimonials section below to get an idea about his teachings and approach to coffee.

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Become a professional coffee roaster now!

What will you learn in classes for coffee roasters?

  • To understand roasting principles deeply
  • To understand the design of common coffee roasters
  • To understand green coffee
  • To Design a roasting protocol
  • To design a roasting curve
  • Hands on experience, guided by a professional
  • Cup, analyze, readjust
  • Information management
  • How to avoid roasting defects
  • Roaster’s maintenance and cleaning
  • Save hundreds of hours of reading and experimenting

What makes a professional coffee roaster?

A skillful experienced coffee roaster who designs perfect roasting curves

Makes good quality green coffee perform excellent

Creates a flavor identity of a coffee brand

There are many ways to become a professional coffee roaster. We took different roasting courses to get as much knowledge as possible, in the end we realized that we want to educate coffee roasters in a very special way; to understand coffee and make it perform excellent.

Our coffee roaster trainers have knowledge in all areas of coffee. We started as baristas and then became Germany’s cup taster champion in 2019, now we develop coffees through fermentation and drying processes, export green coffee worldwide, and teach everything from farm to cup. Our trainers have been part of judging panels in different countries in Latin-America during coffee competitions.

Is it possible to be self-taught and experiment to become a professional roaster?

Nothing is impossible. Everybody can teach him or herself everything, but bear in mind that you may:

  • Spend months or even years reading articles, books, videos and filter good information
  • Read misleading/ bad information
  • Need to find a place where you can lease a roaster and get experience
  • Have a lot of auto discipline
  • Trial & error
  • Invest into a lot of coffee while you’re gathering skills
  • Misinterpret one trial results to other coffee, which might behave pretty different

How do I become a professional coffee roaster?

  1. Get a deep understanding of the whole craft
  2. The most efficient way are professional coffee roasting courses
  3. It’s the fastest and probably cheapest way without making all the usual coffee roaster mistakes, wasting hundreds of kilos of coffee

What are the most common coffee roasting degrees?

  1. Light-roast
  2. Medium-roast
  3. Dark-roast

Is coffee roasting profitable?

To make coffee roasting a successful business and requires:

  1. Planning and having the numbers right.
  2. Calculate your margins.
  3. Record your weight loss during roasting.
  4. Sell on a reasonable price.
  5. Do successful marketing.

What should a good roaster learn?

  1. Understand green coffee and cup profiles
  2. Control the roasting machine and roasting mechanisms
  3. How to make roasted coffee perform at its best, highlighting its qualities and even be able to make defects less noticeable

What are the functions and importance of a coffee roaster within the coffee sector?

A master roaster transforms all the effort made in the field into an unforgettable cup of coffee through his roaster that allows him to potentiate each attribute of each coffee.

Additional nice-to-haves for coffee roasters

As a coffee roaster you are usually also the person defining the cup profile of your coffee. You will be asked «How does this coffee taste?» Cupping skills are indispensable to be able to control quality and the results of your roasts.

Baristas and clients usually ask the roaster how to make coffee perform excellent. Brewing techniques and especially Espresso preparation are almost must-haves for professional coffee roaster.

Some of our students are very eager to understand coffee from: choosing the right variety, growing the coffee beans, impact of processing methods, milling and sorting from parchment to green coffee.

Check out what other people are saying about us…

Nikolai has great passion & knowledge

Nikolai has a great passion and knowledge of coffee. By the end of the course I designed my own roast and shipped it to many happy UK customers. I felt confident in how to analyse the green bean, how to decide an approach that would deliver a desired flavour profile and execute. And as Nikolai teaches principles I feel that I would be able to transfer my new skills to any roasting machine, to any green bean and know how to improve roasting defects. Of course, to achieve this the course is intense with roasting practice, theory, cupping. But beyond this Nikolai also teaches you how to be a practical and efficient roaster which is good for business.

Chetan Bhatt - CEO - Chetventure

A new roaster formed recommends DDC

Despite having previously taken a roasting training, I was quite satisfied with the quality and methodology of the Coffee Developers roasting course. Thanks to the complexity of its theoretical and practical part, I was able to include all this knowledge in the execution of my own enterprise, and in this way I was able to personally assure the quality of the roasting in my brand. I highly recommend this course because I consider that, unlike others, this one allows you to consciously understand all the variables involved not only in roasting, but also in coffee, and then apply them in a real environment.

Daniel Hernandez - CEO - Amano
Become a professional coffee roaster now!

Specialty coffee is a worldwide growing market. While you’re roasting coffee you transform green coffee into one of the most important beverages worldwide. Due to the pandemic, many people started to get serious about home brewing and, instead of spending money on partying; they invested in better coffee and coffee brewing equipment.
This consciousness requires better qualified coffee roasters, because clients are eager for higher quality specialty coffee. One step to improve quality is to buy higher quality green coffee, which can get pretty costly. Another step is to take a professional coffee roasting course to improve your skills. Coffee roasting classes can offer you distilled knowledge to be up to date.

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