Coffee Courses

Coffee training in Medellin

On-site or virtual

Do you want to be a professional barista, taster or roaster?

We open you the doors to the coffee world! 

We want to make you an expert, through our extensive knowledge in this exciting world. Besides being coffee developers, we are also a school, prepared to train you as a professional, where you will learn everything we know by being constantly learning with our coffee growers, customers, and allies.

Choose your favorite course and get started!

Cup tasting: A cup taster (sommelier/ cupper) performs the physical and sensory analysis of the coffee.

Barista One: A fundamental part of the success of this market.

Percolation: Filter a coffee by understanding all its variables.

Roasting: A master roaster transforms all the effort of the farm into an unforgettable cup of coffee.

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  • Catación

    Catador profesional
  • $ 1.050k 8 hrs
  • Nivel Moderno:
    8 horas – $ 1.050.900
    Nivel Profesional:
    8 horas – $ 850.900
    Nivel Experto:
    8 horas – $ 750.900
  • BH Barista One

    Barista profesional
  • $ 950k 8 hrs
  • Curso certificado
    por Barista Hustle.
    Calibrar Espressos
    Modernos, Latte Art,
    Biomecánica y la carta
    tradicional de café.
  • BH - Percolation

    Barista profesional
  • $ 950k 8 hrs
  • Curso certificado
    por Barista Hustle.
    Preparar y costear
    café filtrado de una
    manera profesional:
    Chemex, Dripper, etc.
  • Tostión

    Tostador profesional
  • $ 1.390k 8 hrs
  • Nivel Moderno:
    8 horas – $ 1.390.900
    Nivel Profesional:
    8 horas – $ 1.040.900
    Nivel Experto:
    8 horas – $ 990.900