The best coffee-shop in Medellin city

Disfruta DDC café de la mano de nuestros baristas y nuestra carta especial vegana.

El Pelador


Manual Methods.

Latte Art Pouring


Milk drinks.

Vegan food

Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Vegan Desserts

Home made bakery.

Espresso, Percolation & Nitro

For coffee lovers, we have the perfect extraction of black gold: the specialty coffee.

A good coffee doesn’t need anything else but the perfect grinding, the right water, and the hand of a professional barista’.

Coffee is like a fruit in its perfect ripeness!

You bite it and flavors explode in your mouth: sweetness, juiciness and the acidity that makes you salivate and want another one. The same goes for coffee: a perfect preparation contains: acidity, sweetness, balance, a perfect residual flavor that makes you want another one!

Cappucchino, Flat-White & Macchiato

Do you know what the difference is between these 3 classic drinks?

The difference is between your coffee and milk ratio:

Macchiato is a modern espresso with a ‘milk stain’.

Cappuccino contains the same espresso and much more milk.

And finally, our favorite drink, Flat-white: double espresso with textured milk. The perfect balance between coffee and creaminess.

We present you the perfect combination!

Our caramelized banana cake (addictive), chocolate muffin, or French croissant combines perfectly with any of the 3 classics.😉

Specialty Tea, Cocktails & Craft Beer

The world of tea is incredibly big too!

Come and enjoy our teas: white, green, black, and Pu-errh.

Which one do you like best?

White tea: is the most gentle: floral, citrus, and delicious!

Green tea: tries to show the freshness of the green leaves and juicy acidity.

Black tea:We only choose Darjeeling, the best of the teas.

Pu-errh: recognized among coffee lovers as an undiscovered treasure – the more mature it is, the more exquisite it is expressed!

Coffee-based cocktails?

Meet our menu of cool cocktails and craft beer!

Surprises based on espresso, coffee flower, and coffee peel or, enjoy a good beer from Madre Monte or Sierra Blanca, beer made with love and passion.

Vegan takeout & takeaway menu: take happiness home with you. ☕🥰