About Me

Nikolai Fürst

I’m Nikolai Fürst, founder of Coffee Developers, and since 2011 when I got to know the world of specialty coffee I loved this topic. If they asked “what do you like most about coffee” I would say “the breadth and the work with people! In coffee, I found a quite diverse world – from the farm to the cup. I love being on my friends’ and allies’ farms, but I also enjoy the world of cupping, analysis, roasting, and brewing. I love sharing knowledge and teaching what I learn every day.

Trabajar con café puede ser una microrevolución, tal vez no cambias todo el mundo, pero sí el mundo de unos caficultores y su entorno.

I wake up every day wanting to make the world more beautiful, a little fairer, a little more pleasant to live in for everyone. I have faith that one day we will all wake up, take action, decide on a daily basis, what is best, not only for oneself but for everyone.

That is why I try to impact the world in a positive way, always seeking to do as little harm as possible and to contribute positive things. The world of coffee is amazing: we can work closely with coffee growers, we can make incredible coffees that deserve fair payments and happy customers. This way we all win, we all have a good time.

I have been a vegan for more than ten years and I think we are in a time when we are realizing, that just as we are all living, it is probably not the best way, neither for the individual, nor for the community, nor for all living beings. I invite you to reflect if individual pleasure should really surpass life. Not only the life of the animal that you are eating but also the food that this animal ate, with it we can feed more living beings. It is not an attack on your person, but an invitation to open your mind to a vegetable diet. It’s cool, tasty, and fun.